Provide a fun, competitive and affordable way for anyone to play the sport of hockey. Also known as ball hockey or dek hockey, street hockey is one of the many great things to do in the Raleigh area.

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Glossary of Terms

  • A
                  A letter worn on the uniform of the alternate captain.
  • Assist
                  A point awarded to a player for helping to set up a goal, usually
                  the last two players (other than the goalscorer) to handle the
                  ball prior to the goal.
  • Backcheck
                  Legal attempt by forwards on their way back to their defensive
                  zone to regain control of the ball by covering an opponent who
                  might receive a pass and score.
  • Backhand
                  Although not commonly used, it is an effective shot employing a
                  backward sweeping motion, with the ball shot from the opposite
                  side of normal delivery. It is used more often when there is no
                  time to shift the ball to the natural shooting side.
  • Boarding
                  To ride or drive an opponent into the boards. It is illegal.
  • Breakaway
                  A scoring opportunity where no opponent is bewteen the ball
                  carrier and the opposition's goal, except the goaltender.
  • Butt Ending
                  To hit an opponent with the end of the stick farthest from the
                  blade. It is illegal.
  • C
                  A letter worn on the uniform of the team captain.
  • Charging
                  If more than 3 steps are taken before checking an opponent. It is
                  illegal. (note: there is no checking in the RSHL)
  • Crease
                  The 5' x 8' rectangular areas in front of each goal.
  • Curved Sticks
                  Many players put a slight curve on the blade of their sticks which
                  decreases ball control, but increases shot velocity.
  • Deke
                  A ball carrier's fake when stickhandling their way around an
                  opponent, or in making the goaltender move first on a goal
  • Drop Pass
                  When the ball carrier drops the ball behind himself to be picked
                  up by a trailing teammate.
  • Face Off
                  The dropping of the ball between one player of each team.
  • Fore Checking
                  Checking the opponent in their own zone. A technique used to
                  contain the opposition in their own end and create a turnover of
  • Freezing The Ball
                  Pinning the ball against the boards with either the foot or the
  • Hat Trick
                  Three goals scored by a player in one game.
  • Headmanning
                  Passing the ball ahead of a leading teammate.
  • Interference
                  To hinder or restrain a player not immedately involved in playing
                  the ball. It is illegal and calls for a penalty.
  • Misconduct Penalty
                  A penalty for an act of disrespect towards a referee.
  • Penalty Box
                  An area where penalized players serve their time.
  • Penalty Killing
                  The attempt by a team shorthanded (due to a penalty) to keep the
                  opposition from scoring.
  • Penalty Shot
                  A free shot on a tended net is awarded to a player who was
                  illegally disrupted on a breakaway attempt.
  • Point
                  A position on the rink just inside the opposition's line and close
                  to the boards on either side of the rink. The attacking defensemen
                  usually take the point positions when their team is in control of
                  the ball in the opposition's zone.
  • Poke Checking
                  Dislodging the ball from the ball carrier by stabbing or swatting 
                  at it with the blade of the stick. It is legal.
  • Power Play
                  When one team has more players on the rink than the other due to a
                  penalty to the other team.
  • Pulling A Goalie
                  A team that is losing will sometimes remove their goaltender from
                  the rink in favor of another forward in the final seconds of a
                  contest, or on a delayed penalty.
  • Referee's Crease
                  The 6' by 12' square in front of the scorer table. This area is
                  known as a sanctuary from all players when he talks to the
                  officials, where he reports his final decision on a goal or
  • Screen Shot
                  A shot on goal when one or more players are between the shooter
                  and the goal, thus blocking the goaltender's view of the shot.
  • Slap Shot
                  The fastest traveling shot in which a player brings the stick
                  back, then quickly slaps the ball in the forehand motion.
  • Slot
                  The area directly in front of the nets, between the two faceoff
                  circles; the area from which most goals are scored.
  • Smothering The Ball
                  When the goaltender or a player falls on the ball and covers it up.
  • Splitting The Defense
                  When the ball carrier runs between the two opposing defensemen
                  with the ball, usually resulting in a scoring opportunity for the
                  ball carrier.
  • Stick Handling
                  Carrying the ball along the rink with the stick.
  • Sweep Check
                  To use the entire length of the stick in a sweeping motion while
                  laying flat on the rink in order to dislodge the ball from the
                  ball carrier. It is legal.
  • Texas Hat Trick
                  Four goals scored by a player in one game.
  • Wrist Shot
                  Propelling the ball off the forehand of the stick with a
                  wrist-flicking motion.