Provide a fun, competitive and affordable way for anyone to play the sport of hockey. Also known as ball hockey or dek hockey, street hockey is one of the many great things to do in the Raleigh area.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the RSHL/street hockey?
A. RSHL stands for Raleigh Street Hockey League. The RSHL is a player-owned and -operated street hockey league. Also known as ball hockey or dek hockey, street hockey is a form of hockey played with a ball instead of a puck, and players run on foot instead of skate. The RSHL is one of the many great things to do in Raleigh.

Q. Where and when does the league play?
The RSHL plays its season games at XL Sports World in Apex, NC. League games are played on Sundays. Pick up games are generally held at XL Sports Apex as well, and occassionally at Jellybeans Cary. Visit the home page to subscribe to our email list for updated times and information.

Q. What equipment is required and where can I buy equipment?
All league games and pickups require a helmet, gloves, shin guards, and a stick. Our site has a detailed description of commonly used required equipment and where they can be purchased.

Q. What levels of play does the league have?
The RSHL currently has three levels of play. The upper division is called the tournament division or A division. This division has the highest skill level of players in the league. Many of the players compete in national tournaments. This division is competitive and fast paced. The middle division is the B division, a recreational division. This division is for the recreational player that still plays competitively. There is a mix of skilled players and players with experience. The lowest division is the C division, also considered recreational (Rec). This division is for entry level players. It is also a good place for players looking to pick hockey up after some time off. If still unsure of the level of play, we suggest going to a pick up and matching skills with players in a division, or check out our YouTube page.

Q. How are rules different from roller hockey/ice hockey?
There are three main rule changes from roller/ice hockey. RSHL and most street hockey leagues play red line (or center line) offsides. That means the red line is substituted for the normal blue line offsides. There is no neutral zone in street hockey. The other big rule is a strictly enforced high sticking rule. The stick is not allowed above the waist, even when not playing the ball or near play. "Calling" for a pass by lifting you stick up is illegal. The only exception to the rule is when taking a slap shot and lifting the stick behind the body to shoot. There is absolutely no checking or fighting allowed. All rules are explained here. We strongly recommend getting familiar with all rules prior to playing.    

Q. How do I join the RSHL?
Email the league , or go to a pick up. We highly recommend starting at pick ups. This will enable time to familiarize with the game before signing up.

Q. How can I start playing street hockey?
A. Start by going to a pick up or playing outside of the league. There are many places to play around the area as street hockey is one of the many great things to do in Raleigh. There are a few free outdoor rinks to get started like the Marsh Creek Park, and Southern Community Park. XL Sports World in Apex also has "open gym time" during the week days. Call for availability. Street hockey was started in the streets, driveways, and tennis courts. There is no better way to understand the roots than by starting there.

Q. How much does playing cost?
The season typically costs ~$100 per person. This cost can be different depending on a teams roster count and sponsorship. A team may also ask for a one-time $10-$20 jersey fee. Pickups costs are published on the front page of the website. Please be sure to pay as this cost is for the rink rental.

Q. Is the RSHL a non-profit?
Yes! All money collected goes to the rental of rinks, advertising, reffing, and insurance. That is why it's important to pay for pick ups and team dues on time.

Q. Is there a youth street hockey league?
We do not run one, but the Boys & Girls club of Wake Forest has a program. See our youth hockey page.


Watch our beginner YouTube video for more information!