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Whether this is your first time playing any type of hockey, your first time playing ball hockey in years, or your first time playing without skates we're excited to have you!   The RSHL is a co-ed league home to 14 teams across 3 divisions and weekly pickups.  We're excited to offer players age 16 and up, and all skill levels an opportunity to play ball hockey!  

We recommend attending a pickup session to gauge your level of play and get to meet our league.  Signup for our mailing list to get the latest on pickups or reach out to with any questions!

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What to Expect

Pickup is 90-minutes long.  The two teams form based on the number of players and the skill level in attendance. 

After a short warm-up the game will start with a running 15-20 minute clock. Typically we play 5 periods, so pace yourself.  Players will take shifts of about 60 to 90 seconds.  It's best to end your shift before you're completely tired to make sure you can play the entire 90 minutes.  When changing lines, you'll want to call out the position you were playing.

When goalies cover the ball instead of a face-off the offensive team will get the ball in the corner of the offensive zone.  The offensive player will "check" the ball to the defensive player who will make sure the defense is set before returning the ball.  Once returned, play resumes.  Following a goal, there will be a face-off at center court.

If you're not sure of what to do, ask!  Pickup usually has a lot of veteran RSHL players who are happy to help.  Introduce yourself, ask questions and keep coming back!

Hockey Basics

Here are some basic guidelines for each position on the rink:






  • Helmet
    • Hockey Style recommended
  • Gloves
    • Hockey or Lacrosse style recommended
  • Shin Guards
    • Hockey Style recommended
    • Soccer Style allowed
  • Hockey Stick
    • The RSHL plays on a plastic sport court which allows players to use Wood, Composite or ABS sticks
  • Sneakers
    • Ball Hockey is all about change of direction and running so look for good grip and stability


  • Helmet Cage/Shield or Visor
  • Mouth guard
  • Cup
  • Elbow protection

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